Kitchen Talks

Kitchen talks on Instagram Live

Join me every week on Instagram Live where I will be cooking up something healthy while chatting to someone from the wellness industry. We will be giving you lots of advice and ideas to help you with your own health and wellbeing and showing you how easy it is to make simple healthy food. From breathwork and meditation to Chinese Medicine and natural skincare, there’s something for everyone.

Josie McKay: Growing herbs for health

I was joined by the lovely Josie from Let’s Grow Garden. We talked about gardening for mental health, growing herbs at home and I made a delicious fruit sorbet.

Organic Cabinet: Essential Oils and Body care for health

The wonderful Sharly from Organic Cabinet shares a delicious energising body scrub recipe and I make a tropical smoothie using similar ingredients.

Jan de Vries Healthcare

Anne from Jan de Vries: Supplements for general health

I am joined by Anne from Jan de Vries where we talk about supplements to support our health. I also make a delicious & simple pasta sauce, full of immune boosting ingredients.

Laura Mathieson

Laura Mathieson: A morning routine

We talk about starting your day in a positive way with journaling & a healthy breakfast. Laura also shows us some easy yoga moves to do when we wake up.

Alix Muir: Natural skincare tips

Alix gives us some natural skincare tips as well as making a homemade facemask using oats. I use the same ingredients to make a healthy snack. Give it a go!

Alison Cullen - Nutritional practitioner

Alison Cullen: Keeping health simple

We show you how to keep hydrated using infused water and herbal teas and Alison discusses the importance of water, chewing your food and creating better sleep habits.

Amy Simpson, reflexology, fertility expert

Amy Simpson: Ways to keep calm and relax the body

We make a delicious smoothie that uses ingredients that helps the body keep calm and Amy discusses ways to create some calm with facial pressure points & a calming meditation.


Katherine Dandridge: Supporting your immune health with Chinese Medicine

We make a delicious miso soup recipe & Katherine talks about the energy in food, health signs from your tongue & pressure points to support your body.


Simone Grace: Supporting the immune system with breathework and yoga

We talked about foods to support the immune system as well as some fabulous breathwork. We even made delicious turmeric milk as a night cap.