My Tips to Stay Well & Healthy

  1. Stay Hydrated – It’s so important to drink water to hydrate all your cells and organs as well as to flush toxins out your system. I am drinking lots of warm water, lemon water, my turmeric tonic and herbal teas. My go to teas at the moment are thyme tea (soothes coughs, helps fight infections, full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial) and ginger tea (anti-inflammatory, strengthens immune system and relieves stress). You can make both at home. Use dried or fresh thyme and infuse in hot water. Add lemon if preferred and drink. Do the same with ginger. Grate fresh ginger into hot water and steep until ready to drink. Add lemon and honey for more taste.
  2. Increase intake of colourful foods – I really can’t encourage this enough. The more colour we have in our diet, the more nutrients our bodies receive. Lots of fruit and veg that are high in vitamin C & A help to support the immune system eg. broccoli, peppers, sweet potato, leafy greens, cauliflower etc.
  3. Reduce sugar intake – sugar can make your body more acidic meaning it is more susceptible to disease. By eating more whole plant foods can alkalise and protect the body. Try eating more soups and vegetable stews. I will be posting lots of vegetable dishes soon.
  4. Get more sleep – When we sleep our bodies heal and repair. Without enough sleep, our immune systems can be compromised. I would suggest trying to get 8 hours (although I think my body needs 9) of sleep to allow the body to restore.
  5. Move your body – I have been trying to go for a 15 minute walk daily to help boost my immune system and keep the circulation flowing. If you are stuck in at at the moment, please try to do some light stretching and maybe some online workouts. Try also to get some fresh air by sitting in the garden or opening a window.
  6. Supplements – There’s a few vitamins I am taking as an extra precaution. I have increased my intake of vitamin C, vitamin D, Echinacea and probiotics. This is a good basic range to support your health. Always look for high quality vitamins.



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